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Mine Blocks Logo Hello! This is a small wiki for Mine Blocks. In here you can find all about Mine Blocks.

Its official wiki is here .

Note: Some things in Mine Blocks are not found here because this is a WIP wiki.You can find most of them in its official wiki.

About Mine BlocksEdit

Mine Blocks is a 2d flash game inspired from Minecraft and Terraria.</span> You need to build,craft and survive,etc. in Mine Blocks just like in Minecraft.

You can do these in Mine Blocks:

  • Craft
  • Eat
  • Cook Food/Smelt Ores
  • Mine/Dig
  • Build anything (can be infinite when in creative mode)
  • Survive & Thrive
  • Travel to 2 different dimensions (Nether & End naked lady world)
  • Fight & Kill (diff. mobs and the boss)
  • Explore

Play the game Mine Blocks here.

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